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The Mission of Shield of Faith Bible College is to offer our students sound biblical courses that will equip them for their ministry assignments in God's Kingdom, as well as help them build up their faith and live a victorious Christian life. Courses are taught by some of the kingdom's leading and most recognized experts in their field of ministry in the world. Transferability of courses to accredited universities is possible through our unique articulation agreements. We are thrilled that you have chosen Shield of Faith Bible College to meet your Christian higher education goals and empower you to be everything that God has called you to be in the world. 

Whether as an individual student of our College, or as a congregation who has become a Shield of Faith Bible College Regional Campus, you will have access to the premier church-­based training and equipping program available today! At Shield of Faith Bible College we offer customized solutions for delivery of our courses. Our faculty is always ready to assist you in selecting courses that will help you fulfill your God-given purpose and destiny both in and outside the church. We are fully dedicated to this goal and are available to assist you in reaching your ministry and educational objectives. We are excited about the possibilities! 

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Shield of Faith Bible College has developed a Certificate of Ministry, Diploma of Theology and Associates Degree Programs, as well as Bachelors Degrees to Doctorate of Theology, all of which are awarded after accumulating course completion units. These units are earned in one of two ways:


1) Class attendance, study of the materials and a score of 70 or above on the post course exam­ination. Successful completion of each course is worth three units.

2) Units are also granted through evaluations of prior learning. Ad­ditionally, students are required to pass at least one course in each of the six divisions of study for each degree from the Bache­lor of Theology through the Doctor of Theology degrees.


Students have a host of opportuni­ties for study that include class­room instruction via LIVE, In­ternet Streaming Video, or Locally Authorized Teaching (LAT) formats. We also have Distance Education (DE) for more individualized study. This is a great format for those stu­dents who don't have access to a local Shield of Faith Bible College campus. 

Each course provides 10 hours of lecture, a textbook, study guide, and exam. Lectures are delivered according to the schedule and de­livery format chosen: LIVE, DVD, Streaming Video, LAT, or DE, and are followed by a time for exam completion. Students can complete a course online any­time, anywhere! All students enrolled in our Distance Education Program are able to study without a computer. 

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May God bless you as you become more deeply rooted in God's Word and train to be a successful servant-leader in the Kingdom. Shield of Faith Bible College is a network of Campuses worldwide with our main Campus headquartered in Pomona, California. 


Together with our Accreditation and curriculum development Partners at CLST Global, we are so excited to offer our students cutting edge theological education that is uniquely designed to meet the educational and training needs demanded by today's leaders. Shield of Faith Bible College is one of the premier global providers of Christian higher education programs and resources. Our mission is to equip students enrolled at our Regional Campuses, with sound biblical teaching and Apostolic Doctrine.

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Certificate of Ministry (Cert. M)   |   Units Required: 15 Units   |   GPA: 2.0   |   


A Certificate of Ministry from Shield of Faith Bible College will give you full exposure to different styles of pastoral leadership, will help you better articulate God’s word, and more effectively implement Biblical principles. If you’re serious about a career in Ministry, this could be the starting point that could propel your career.

Diploma of Theology (Dip. Th.)   |   Units Required: 30 Units   |   GPA: 2.0   |   


Increase your bible knowledge and launch your ministry today by earning your Diploma of Theology. As ministry leaders, we have a responsibility to share the Good News of God to men and women who desperately need to know him. This Diploma of Theology focuses on how to communicate the gospel in an increasingly pluralistic world.

Associate of Theology Degree (A. Th.)   |   Units Required: 60 Units   |   GPA: 2.0   |   


An Associate of Theology Degree (A. Th.) is a bible college degree program that will provide you with a foundation for various ministry and missions positions, social service, or personal spiritual development. The curriculum emphasizes Christian values as part of every course. A key focus is spiritual formation — developing a Christ-centered character that is visible through servanthood to God and others.

Bachelor of Theology Degree (B. Th.)   |   Units Required: 126 Units   |   GPA: 2.0   |   


The Bachelor of Theology (B. Th.) degree program is designed to prepare men and women to serve in Christian Ministry. It includes systematic study, wide reading and practical ministry education. The Bachelor of Theology degree is a vocational, pre-professional degree, designed to transition the student into graduate-level theological education.


The Bachelor of Theology program consists of 126 credit hours. The student must complete the five core courses and select a ministry specialization for the remainder of their courses. As a vocational, pre-professional degree, the program does not require a minimum number of General Education credits, differentiating it from the Bachelor of Arts degree. 


Prerequisites: Associate Degree or Equivalent

Master of Theology Degree (M. Th.)   |   Units Required: 171 Units   |   GPA: 3.0   |   


The Master of Theology degree focuses on historical, systematic, and biblical theology. Professional ministry issues are not a focus of this program. Nevertheless, the program is designed to provide a theological foundation for ministerial service. The curriculum for this degree program is produced by some of the world’s top biblical scholars and theologians and serves persons who wish to explore disciplines within Christian theology.


Prerequisites: Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent

Master of Sacred Studies Degree |   Units Required: 216 Units   |   GPA: 3.0   |   


A candidate for the Master of Sacred Studies degree must complete the equivalent of at least twenty-four credit hours of graduate study beyond the B.D., M.Div., or equivalent degree. Only course work graded High Pass or above is credited toward the Master of Sacred Studies degree. A thesis, major paper in a regular course, or other acceptable project in the selected field of study is required. The option of a Credit/No Credit grade is not available for the Master of Sacred Studies degree.

Doctorate of Sacred Studies Degree   |   Units Required: 261 Units   |   GPA: 3.0   |   


The Doctorate of Sacred Studies (D.S.S.) is the ecclesiastical degree enabling the holder to teach in an ecclesiastical faculty. The goal of the degree program is to train a scholar who has a broad knowledge of theology, a critical competence in theological methodology, and a specialization in a field of theology where he or she can do original research. Those who hold a Doctorate of Sacred Studies are qualified to teach theology at a Christian Bible College. It can also open doors for other administrative posts within the fellowship of Christian Churches. Since this type of Ph.D. involves a lot of research and critical thinking, it prepares the graduate for careers as university professors, researchers, and expert resource persons.

Doctorate of Theology   |   Units Required: 300 Units   |   GPA: 3.0   |   (D. Th.)  


The Doctor of Theology (D. Th.) is a professional degree. The program is designed to serve the need of ministers for an experience of continuing education which renews the personal life of faith, further develops professional competence and stimulates continued growth in biblical and theological foundations for ministry. Using the resources of Shield of Faith Bible College, a program of study has been developed which provides options including emphases in church growth and evangelism, spirituality and renewal, marriage and family, small groups and Christian community, leadership and management, preaching and worship, and Bible and theology.

Participants in the Doctor of Theology program are afforded the opportunity for continuing education while remaining active in their local ministries. The program of study offers a critical assessment of experience with the guidance of leaders who have expertise in developing and sustaining effective ministry. The philosophy and goals of the program are to combine theoretical knowledge with a suitable full time ministry which results in a demonstrable competence.

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